Courageous But Misguided Venezuelan Artist Speaks Out

Gabriella Montero, a Venezuelan classical pianist currently on tour in Europe, has published some messages on Facebook protesting the killing of protestors in Caracas. Alas, she feels constrained to include this disclaimer:

Let me be clear. I believe that the resources of Venezuela belong to ALL Venezuelans, and that ALL Venezuelans should benefit equally from our fortunate position as custodians of the world’s largest oil reserves and other natural riches.

Ms. Montero should take a brief break from her music and study some history and/or economics. Her critique of the current criminal government of Venezuela is correct, and courageous. Sadly, she seems unaware that her expressed beliefs require a brutal tyranny. She seems further unaware that claiming philosophical solidarity with the ‘ideals’ of communism will provide her no protection from the wrath of the tyrant and his minions. Artists and comrades are tolerated only as long as they are useful to the regime. Appealing to shared ideals will not work:

  1. The stated goals of communism presuppose violence and tyranny. What, after all, does ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ mean? Stacy McCain has done a tremendous job pulling together the proof that violence and terror are fundamental to communism.
  2. People like Ms. Montero who believe in communist ideals simply do not understand that the founders and leaders of every communist movement have no ideals. They are driven by lust for power.

Ms. Montero would be well-advised to stay out of Venezuela. If Miss Venezuela for 2005 can be murdered in broad daylight, who will protect a pianist, however prominent, who has criticized the regime?