Who Are These People? Volume I, Issue 1

Anthony Weiner
What has he accomplished other than giving sexting a bad image? As a Congressman from 1999 to his resignation in disgrace in 2011, he introduced or sponsored 200 bills, of which 194 died in the House. Of the 6 that passed, none were adopted by the Senate. (To be fair, one was essentially the same as a Senate bill, and the ultimate bill passed by both Houses was the Senate version.) Go ahead, check it out.

He is so unburdened by knowledge of how the economy works that, in 2009, he introduced a bill to increase the size of mortgages for multi-family houses. Raising lending limits in an over-leveraged market is, let us say, counter-intuitive.

His ignorance really shouldn’t be a surprise. His education stopped after he got a BA in Political Science from SUNY Plattsburgh (ranked 91st among colleges in the North region by US News. He distinguished himself at college by not making the varsity hockey team, and by coming in 16th in a race for 15 seats in the student Senate. From there, he went directly into politics, working on then Representative Schumer’s staff.

Six years later, Weiner was elected to the New York city council, winning the seat by appealing to the racial fears of the mostly white district in which he was running. An anonymous flyer was distributed, linking one of his opponents to David Dinkins and Jesse Jackson. Weiner ultimately admitted to being the source of the flyer. (Hey, that’s how George Wallace got elected! After losing as a pro-integration candidate, Wallace became a segregationist.)

Weiner’s only experience outside politics is his two-year enforced sabbatical, time he apparently used to create “Carlos Danger”, who could do what “Anthony Weiner” wanted to do. One must ask: who will be mayor of New York? Weiner or Danger? (And what a tell us that choice of surname for the alter ego!)

So, Anthony Weiner appears to be an unfettered id, a voracious hunger driven by an unfillable void. He should be kept well away from the levers of power.


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