Fact checking Jay Carney

In a press conference today, Carney has repeatedly starred that Ambassador Susan Rice mentioned Ansar Al Sharia in the Sunday talk shows.

Not true for her appearance on ABC’s This Week. Read the transcript here.

Not true for her appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation. Transcript here.

On Fox News Sunday, Ansar Al Sharia was mentioned — by Chris Wallace. Speaking to GOP Congressman Mike Rogers. Transcript here.

Not on NBC ‘s Meet The Press. Transcript here.

Not true on CNN ‘s State Of The Union. Transcript here.

So: reviewing the transcripts of all five Sunday talk shows on which Ambassador Rice appeared, Anbar Al Sharia is mentioned once and only once, by the anchor, and not to Ambassador Rice. In a burst of caution, I also searched for news stories with the terms “Susan Rice” and “Ansar”, between September 16 and 23 of 2012. Not one. Not. One.

Jay Carney has been lying all afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Fact checking Jay Carney

  1. I really thought the Obama administration was toast when it was revealed the embassy had asked for more security and were denied.

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