The death rattle of due process

A US Senator has noticed.

Of course, we discussed this here last Bastille Day.


Chicago Mayor Legalizes Crime

In the sense that he has allowed the police to define, publicly, those offenses for which they will take no action. Note that domestic violence incidents are among those where the police will be, quite literally, phoning it in. Remind me who it was that was said to be waging a war on women?

Having disarmed its citizens under the pretense that the police will provide all the protection needed, the city is now reducing the protection provided. All so that they can free up the equivalent of 44 officers, out of a force of 12,000 (0.36%).

So, a bold prediction: Chicago will see an increase in burglaries, assaults, and other crimes the police consider not worth their time. And Chicago will not see any decrease in its murder rate. In fact, they may well see an increase in murder, with current simple assaults escalating to murder when there is no police response to the initial offense.

Who can solve this mystery?

The Feds are preparing to sue Standard & Poor’s for issuing overly optimistic credit ratings on mortgage-backed securities prior to the 2008-2009 financial collapse.

<blockquote>Many details of the looming enforcement action couldn’t be immediately determined, such as why prosecutors are zeroing in on S&P rather than rivals Moody’s Corp. MCO¬†-1.68%and Fitch Ratings</blockquote>

Gee, I think I know: S.& P. Downgrades Debt Rating of U.S. for the First Time

Update: the WSJ catches up with your humble correspondent.