How clueless is Diane Feinstein?

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Feinstein said that Bushmaster sells a “slide” for its rifle that makes it fully automatic. She made it sound as if anyone could buy a legal rifle and turn it into an illegal automatic weapon. I think she was taking about the adapters find on of their catalog.

A couple of things to note:
1. It is not illegal to own a fully automatic weapon. It’s just a lot harder to acquire one legally. An FBI background check is required, as is the payment of $200 to the Federal government.
2. In order to buy the adapter, the buyer requires the same license as is required to buy an automatic weapon in the first place .

If we are to have a(nother) “national conversation” on the Second Amendment, we ought at least be working with facts, not loose uninformed assertions.


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