Olympics Opening Ceremony

Well, they’re doing a thing on children’s stories right now, in some way presented by the people of the National Health Service. I guess you can tell it’s the NHS, because all the patients are in iron beds, and in a common ward, and the nurses are nodding off.

Anyway, the ninnies commenting for NBC felt the need to tell us that this was the people of the UK showing their pride in the NHS. And, gosh golly, maybe we could consider that during our debate over health care.

Then I think of the words to their national anthem. I love the British; I married one (well, she’s half Welsh). In their anthem, they say of their Queen: “Long may she reign o’er us”. It was to avoid having someone “reign over us” that we fight the Revolution. People over whom someone reigns are more likely to appreciate that someone breaking their ills, than are a people who are independent.  Didn’t purple used to go to the King or Queen to be healed by their touch? See how little has changed.


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