Obamacare Fail

Oh, joy. It appears that the Affordable Care Act is so poorly written that it may simply… collapse. According to a paper written by some researchers, the bill allows for two ways for the insurance exchanges to be created: by the States, and if the States don’t act, by the Federal government. However, the subsidies for buying health insurance are available only to people enrolled in exchanges set up by the States.

This is what happens when Congress rushes through a 2,000+ page bill that nobody seems to have the time to read. It’s like the worst Easter egg hunt ever, in which every egg, no matter how gaily painted, is rotten and releases its sulfurous vapors when it is discovered.

The Founding Fathers intended the work of Congress to be slow and deliberate. We now see their wisdom in the result of an Act passed with so little scrutiny that even the Speaker of the House was ignorant of its contents.

(via Instapundit)


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