Or: are these the best surrogates he can find?

Item: Steven Rattner on Fox News Sunday this morning. When Chris Wallace asked whether Romney’s experience in the private sector gave him insight into how the economy works, Rattner replied that being President for the past three years, with all the economic challenges, makes Obama more qualified than Romney. Sounds like an implicit admission that Obama came into office unencumbered by any skills in economics, but has learned a lot on the job. OJT on the job training.
Item: when faced with his own words about the un-wisdom of the government trying to pick winners and losers, Rattner tries to do a “So’s your old man”, voting a solar power company in Massachusetts that just went bankrupt. Perhaps he misspoke, but he said that it had been funded by President Obama. Kinda making Romney’s point. Rattner went on to say that the government should not play the role of venture capitalist. I think I may have to report him to AttackWatch.


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