JTMP reported address

According to the 2010 990, JTMP is located at 8416 Westmont Terrace, Bethesda.  This is also the business address of Executive Director Jeffrey R. Cohen, according to the record in Legal Helpmate.

In 2006, the property was listed by Montgomery County as residential, owned by Jeffrey Cohen, and valued north of $900,000.

The other address listed in the 990 is 8100 Beech Tree Road, Bethesda. This property is listed in the Montgomery County 2006 tax assessment as being owned by Carolyn Kimberlin et al., and was based at the time as being worth $735,170.

An item of interest now rises from the 990.  The filing reports that about $15,000 was paid for Occupancy and $7,900 for Utilities. Was this money paid to the owners of 8416 Westmont Terrace, or the owners of 8100 Beech Tree Road? Or is there some other property not specified in the 990?

Looking at the 990s for all three years, with the caveat that in 2008 and 2009 the form did not break utilities out from occupancy, rent & maintenance, one observes that in 2008, $80,925 (14.5% of income) was paid for occupancy, rent, maintenance & utilities; in 2009, $16767 (8.5% of revenue) was paid for the same line item; in 2010, $23,158 (10.3% of revenue) was paid for occupancy & utilities. There is nothing in the filings that indicates that JTMP moved offices. In all three, the Westmont Terrace address is listed for JTMP. What is driving the large swings in these charges?


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